Linda Vieira
Educational Consultant
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FOR STUDENTS - HOW AN IDEA BECOMES A BOOK-A program for an authors' fair, using Linda's first book, "The Ever-Living Tree". Linda takes students from the idea to the published product, complete with props. This program emphasizes the writing process-pre-writing, rough draft, rewriting, final draft-and shows what happens after an author has finished a manuscript.

FOR TEACHERS - HOW TO TEACH WHAT YOU HAVE TO THE WAY YOU WANT TO - A basic classroom organizational program for elementary teachers to emphasize language arts, independence, and group dynamics. Includes many examples with handouts that suggest ways to:

  • create a self-motivating, language-rich classroom environment as a backdrop for all subjects

  • maximize teachable moments throughout a busy school day

  • combine positive self-expression with reading, writing, and art

  • develop comprehension of new ideas through independence and cooperation

  • encourage the participation of parents in the learning cycle

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