Linda Vieira
Educational Consultant
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Linda Vieira is an educational consultant and a published author of 4 non-fiction books for children. Besides her books, Linda has published an individual, consumable student spelling dictionary for grades 1-6, and 14 magazine and newspaper articles.

Linda was raised in Brooklyn, NY, and Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She retired after 32 years as a resource specialist, elementary school teacher, community college instructor, and language arts specialist.

Linda is also a volunteer puppy raiser and ambassador for Guide Dogs of the Desert. She regularly visits schools all over Southern California AT NO COST with her puppy-in-training.

In the lower grades, her program emphasizes the development of self-control and helping others. For Career Fairs in upper grades and high school, she emphasizes volunteer work and public service.

Other puppy raisers and blind graduates with their working dogs usually join Linda in these FREE PUBLIC SERVICE PROGRAMS.

Linda Vieira
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